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A Place For Mindful Activities

Welcome to Thinking With Clarity's creative homestead - a springboard to the sections of the site that focus on our new products and the mindful philosophies that lie behind them (accessible via the buttons to the right).

This will soon connect to both the Sights and Sounds pages currently under construction; the former will be home to downloadable colouring pages and galleries of user-submitted material, and the latter will contain an array of relaxing, meditative music to plug into and enjoy whilst getting into the creative groove.

Our objective is to encourage everyone of all ages to try to destress through creativity, and in doing so achieve a degree of calm and serenity that might otherwise be displaced from their day-to-day lives.



Help, Guidance And Ideas

Clarity's very own leading light, Barbara Gray, will be on hand to bestow a wealth of mindful crafting tips and tutorials; mediated first and foremost with the tenets of stress reduction and peace of mind, these articles and YouTube videos will provide the perfect touchstones for crafters of all abilities.

Beginning with introductions to both the Groovi® range and Clarity's colouring materials, this anthology of multimedia support and encouragement is intended to expand and grow concurrently as more products become available.

However, as our community of crafters itself becomes more skilled, we'd love to hear your tricks and hints so that we can share them here!

On Course To A Better Headspace

Thinking With Clarity is currently planning a multi-week course, where guests can embark on a series of crafting activities designed to help them apply the principles of mindfulness both in their own lives and as a group, and in doing so move towards a better, happier and healthier perspective.

As the course itself is developed, this section of the site will be expanded to provide promotion and support of those activities, and as soon as a date is set, you'll find all the information here first.

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