The Groovi® Range

Conceived to allow everyone to partake in the enchanting craft of parchment embossing, the Groovi® range offers a clever, fun and easy approach that allows the mind to focus on the 'here and now' and relax into the task at hand.


Combining mindfulness with cutting-edge laser-etching technology, the system employs interchangeable plates held in place by a surrounding border, with a made-to-measure embossing tool devised to effortlessly follow the design path through the parchment.


The end result is quick, crisp, clean and destined to delight, is great for a positive mental attitude, and the process itself requires no skill or experience.

This section will be expanded over the coming months to provide news of upcoming designs, as well as YouTube videos designed to inform, educate and inspire - the first of which can be seen by clicking the button above.


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