Colouring Books and Downloadable Pages

At Clarity, we've long recognised the benefits of colouring as a tool for relaxing the mind; we've already released a number of downloadable pages (as shown above), and now we're gearing up to launch the first of our high-quality colouring books.


Featuring a plenitude of beautiful designs, these books and pages will provide the perfect opportunity for everybody to create something wonderful whilst calming their thoughts to focus on the moment at hand.


This form of art therapy exemplifies the spirit of mindfulness, and with each page replete with sumptuous and elaborate line art, everyone can apply their own techniques for escaping the stresses of everyday life.

This part of the site will be enhanced alongside the Sights page, offering further downloadable pages and galleries of submitted artwork, as well as tutorials and YouTube videos.


As we get closer to the launch of the first colouring book, further information will be posted here and on the upcoming Facebook group page, so keep us bookmarked!

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